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Suzana Bastos and Marcelo Alvarenga
 ALVA DESIGN - Soapstone

Brazilian designer Suzana Bastos and her brother, architect Marcelo Alvarenga are the creators of Alva Design. Their projects reflect the encounter of these two visions, the architectural and the artistic, exploring the unusual, the new features and an expressive materiality.

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Heloisa Galvão works with liquid porcelain, exploring the power of pure matter and its spontaneous movements. She seeks the essential forms and minimal interference on the body of this matter, keeping its natural matte appearance enhanced by the bright areas coated with transparent enamel. The unique shades on her pieces are achieved by mixing the pigment during the preparation of the mass, resulting in an intensity chromatic latent in her work.

ODA - Reclaimed Wood 

Elizandro Rabelo is a Brazilian designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. His passion for furniture drove him to learn carpentry and changed the course of his life. He is the name responsible for ODA, a brand that fascinate us with a handcrafted line of design objects for the home using reclaimed wood. 

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Merging a creation studio with a factory, Traço aims to reposition concrete as a material for daily use, exploring different scales and new usages based on its structural vocation. 

Launched in 2016, the brand carries out an intense research on the plasticity of concrete applied to the design of objects and furniture, as a way to expand the limits of Brazilian design. 

Paper Art

Miriam Rigout is a Brazilian visual artist who has since 1987 dedicate her life to studying illustration, restauration and  preservation of special paintings. Her art is environmentally friendly and green, using recycled paper and her creative mind,  she achieves simplicity, texture, density, dimension and color.  

Embroidered Art 

Patricia Noto studied arts in São Paulo, her home town in Brazil. She has improved her skills and techniques over the years creating pattens and developing products for the home textile industry.

In 2020 she starts to design patterns for her own passion, the hand embroidery work.  Inspired by the Korean patchwork technique Bojaji, Patricia creates embroidered art pieces rich in vibrant colors that catch the eye of a broad audience in search of handmade unique art.

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